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Small Class Sizes, Flexible Learning and Face-to-Face Teaching

At Redwood College, we believe that students learn best in a supportive and inclusive environment. Our distance education school offers small class sizes, flexible learning and face-to-face teaching. We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our students and employees. Additional information can be found here.

Redwood College offers a robust distance education program, allowing students to engage in remote learning and earn their degrees and certifications online. As an online school, Redwood College provides a flexible and accessible education experience, enabling students to pursue their academic goals from anywhere in Queensland.

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At Redwood College, we provide a unique and tailored learning experience for our students. Our programs are designed to cater to cohorts interests and follow the current Australian curriculum. Click here to learn more about what we offer at Redwood College.

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At Redwood College, we are open for enrolment all year round. Our distance education school offers a flexible learning environment with face-to-face teaching. Click here to apply today and start your Redwood College journey.

Redwood College is an online school that specializes in distance education, offering a wide range of programs and courses for remote learning. As a leading institution in the field, Redwood College provides a comprehensive virtual learning environment and supports students in their educational pursuits through interactive online platforms and personalized instruction.

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